【Minimal The Specialty:Azabudai Hills】The World's First!? Savoring Cacao and Chocolate through a "Course Dining Experience"

2024.03.01 #English

Nestled atop the Garden Plaza A of Azabudai Hills, which opened in November 2023, is Minimal The Specialty: Azabudai Hills, resembling a hidden gem.

Situated in a serene corner slightly removed from the main tower of Azabudai Hills, directly accessible from Kamiya-cho Station, the establishment exudes a tranquil ambiance.

Upon entering the gift shop, guests are greeted with a Japanese tearoom-like arrangement featuring six counter-seats.

Here, patrons can indulge in a special course menu featuring cacao and chocolate.
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At Azabudai Hills, where guests from around the world visit, Minimal harnesses its accumulated experience and expressive techniques to offer a special "omotenashi" experience.

A Platform to Showcase "Japanese Chocolate Culture" to the World

At Minimal, we aim to provide a new chocolate experience by subtracting the excess, enhancing the flavor of each cacao, and earnestly engaging with the ingredients.

At this Azabudai Hills location, Minimal, born in Tokyo, Japan, reinterprets Western-origin chocolate and aims to disseminate it to the world as a new experience.

We have curated excellent creations from artisans across Japan, including ceramic platters and drinks.

For instance, prominently displayed upon entering the store is the wall decoration "CHOCOLATE," an original work by contemporary artist Keigo Kamide, the sixth-generation master of Kamide Choemon Kiln, of Kutani ware.

We invite you to enjoy encounters with outstanding craftsmen from Japan.

Avant-Garde Course Dining Experience Spotlighting the "Character of Cacao"

Drawing upon the knowledge and experience Minimal has cultivated in chocolate and sweet development, we offer a satisfying course of approximately 10 items, inclusive of beverages, where guests can fully immerse themselves in the experience.
※Course items vary seasonally.

The course is named "Sense of Wonder."
Derived from the book title of Rachel Carson, a pioneer of the environmental conservation movement, it signifies "the power to deeply touch and be moved by nature."
We hope guests will enjoy the intriguing experience of encountering the differences and richness of cacao flavors.

Minimal has been dedicated to creating products that highlight the allure of cacao since its inception.

After establishing various formats such as a chocolate bar specialty store (Tomigaya flagship store), a gateau chocolat specialty store (Minimal : The Baking Yoyogi Uehara), and a patisserie (Patisserie Minimal Soshigaya-Ōkura), we have arrived at a "course dining" concept that integrates them all.

With an unparalleled menu worldwide, we aim to offer a profound exploration of the cacao and chocolate realm.

Three Key to Enjoy the Course

Suitable for snack times, lunch alternatives, or evening aperitifs, the course is designed to be enjoyed in various settings.

As the course comprises approximately 10 items*, along with beverages, we recommend arriving with quite a bit of an appetite.
*Course items vary seasonally.

1. Experience the Cacao-to-Chocolate “Journey"

Experience the process of cacao beans turning into chocolate on one plate, accompanied by cacao pulp juice.

2. Enjoy a "Tasting Comparison" of Cacao

Indulge in a plate where you can compare different flavors resulting from variations in cacao bean origins, blending methods, and finishing techniques, such as ganache and gateau chocolat.

3. Delight in a "Pairing" with Carefully Selected Drinks

We have selected Japanese sake and tea crafted by artisans in Japan.

From "Aramasa Sake Brewery," known for traditional sake brewing and boasting enthusiastic fans, we offer Japanese sake. From "Tonoya Yo," recognized by "The World’s 50 Best Discovery" for its doburoku (unrefined sake), we offer doburoku.

As for tea, we feature selections from "EN TEA," a tea leaf brand that promotes the charm of Japanese tea to the world.

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Original Cacao Spirits Co-developed with Bar "unknown" Owner, Mr. Oba, noted for its Mixology

We offer special drinks, including original cacao spirits co-developed with Mr. Oba, owner of the prominent Ebisu bar "unknown," known for its cutting-edge mixology, as well as original cocktails and mocktails. These drinks cannot be experienced elsewhere. Please anticipate the astonishing new possibilities of cacao.

Signature Gift Selections with a Minimal Touch

At the entrance shop, we offer Tokyo souvenirs for those visiting Azabudai Hills and items perfect for small gifts.

Signature items usually sold exclusively at Minimal stores are gathered here. Many are items with a long shelf life, ideal for souvenirs.

[Azabudai Hills Store Exclusive] Gateau Chocolat Soft -5 Types of Sweetened Beans-

This gateau chocolat can be enjoyed year-round with its harmonious blend of sweetened beans and chocolate, combining Japanese and Western ingredients.

Chocolate Cookie Tin Box

A tin of cookies offering a variety of cacao expressions. Enjoy various cacao and chocolates.

Financier Assortment Set

A set that allows you to enjoy two types of financiers baked at the Soshigaya-Ōkura store at once.

‘Arhuaco’ (Chocolate Tablet)

A chocolate tablet made from rare cacao beans harvested by the Arhuaco tribe in Colombia, with a history of winning gold awards in international competitions.
※Product availability may vary by season. Currently available items can be found here.

A Place to Encounter the Forefront of Chocolate

Minimal The Specialty Azabudai Hills aims to be at the forefront of stimulating culinary curiosity.

Reflecting Minimal's ethos "A Japanese brand reconstructing cacao and chocolate", we have selected exceptional Japanese tea and alcohol, overflowing with craftsmanship, for drinks.

Through cacao and chocolate, we aim to offer a multitude of surprises (sense of wonder) and propose a new food culture to further promote "Japan's Bean to Bar" culture.

Sharing From Our Patrons After the Experience

We have received many delightful messages from those who have experienced the course.
We would love to hear what your experience was like. Do share with the world with the hashtag #MinimalChocolate. We would love you to join us in expanding the rich world of how we can enjoy chocolate in the Minimal way!

We cannot wait to see you at the counter!
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