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2023.04.18 #English

A hidden gem in the heart of the city, specializing in Gâteau Chocolat

Our shop is discreetly tucked away in the narrow streets of Yoyogi Uehara, making it feel like a hidden sanctuary.

- Directions from South Exit 2 –
Exit South Exit 2 and head up the small hill right in front of you.

On your left, you'll find a small staircase leading to a narrow alley. As you descend these stairs, you'll soon see our distinctive white exterior and sign.

Upon opening the glass door at street level, you'll be welcomed by an interior finished in oak wood, illuminated by custom-made brass lamps, exuding a warm and inviting ambiance.

Inside, you'll find a simple yet serene space with a mortar counter, two tables, and bench seating.

Our Gâteau Chocolat is meticulously displayed in glass cases.

To ensure a relaxed environment, we use subtle lighting and play soft music through vintage speakers.

A rare worldwide experience! Compare six variations of Gâteau Chocolat.

We offer a selection of six variations of Gâteau Chocolat, divided into three categories.

The complete lineup is available only at our Yoyogi Uehara store.

(In particular, "Gâteau Chocolat Baked" and the "Gâteau Chocolat Soft" in the MILD and SEASONAL (limited-time) categories are exclusively available at the Yoyogi Uehara store.)

*For more information about Gâteau Chocolat Baked, click here.

Each Gâteau Chocolat has unique characteristics due to variations in cacao beans, baking methods, ingredients, texture, and aroma adjustments, revealing the full potential of cacao as a material.

Additionally, we offer two types of Minimal's Chocolate Cheesecakes, which, along with Gâteau Chocolat, provide a choice of eight delightful options.

Our staff is always available to provide detailed explanations, so please don't hesitate to inquire.

We serve one item and one beverage at a time. The 'pairing experience' adds an extra layer of deliciousness to your visit.

The most popular option for eat-in is the "Gâteau Chocolat Comparison and Pairing Set."

You can choose your preferred Gâteau Chocolat or cheesecake from the eight varieties. Based on your preferences, our barista will recommend the ideal drink pairing, such as coffee, hojicha tea, or even alcoholic beverages.

The interior counter has been designed with proximity in mind to encourage staff interaction with customers.

At Minimal, we highly value the concept of "pairing," which involves pairing various sweets with complementary beverages to create new flavor experiences. We continuously develop pairings with in-house baristas and sommeliers for each Gâteau Chocolat.

Upon serving each Gâteau Chocolat, we provide detailed explanations on how to enjoy it, so please feel free to ask us any questions.

A wide range of coffee selection that complements the diversity of Gâteau Chocolat
We serve each drink, especially coffee, in a hand-drip fashion, one cup at a time.

We prepare beverages one cup at a time (particularly, coffee is meticulously hand-dripped).

We always have 5-6 varieties of coffee beans, all specialty coffees.

The lineup changes each month, depending on the season and flavor profiles. Particularly rare in the coffee industry is the gathering of popular brands such as Maruyama Coffee, ONIBUS COFFEE, and FUGLEN.

Many customers have expressed their delight after tasting our single-origin coffee in-store, saying they appreciated black coffee for the first time.

Craft beer, sake and wine pairing experiences are also available.

Here at Yoyogi Uehara store, we uniquely offer a selection of craft beers, Japanese sake, wines, and more, providing a unique opportunity to explore "sake and Gâteau Chocolat" pairings.

Our craft beer selection includes brands like Kyoto Brewing and BURDOCK BREWERY, while our sake selection features Aramasa Brewery from Akita Prefecture, in addition to natural wines and shochu.

We regularly extend our operating hours until 10 p.m. with "Night Minimal," making it easy to drop by after work or other engagements.

You'll likely start seeing Gâteau Chocolat in a whole new light on your way home.

The production method for Gâteau Chocolat, which includes the selection of cacao, fermentation, and baking, results in a unique texture and aroma that may challenge your previous perceptions.

Combining Gâteau Chocolat with fruits offers a delightful harmony of flavors between the fruit and cacao.

Pairing Gâteau Chocolat with a drink enhances the aroma, creating a unique flavor experience.

For example, if you discover the importance of aroma when enjoying Gâteau Chocolat, it's likely that your perspective on sweets will change, enhancing your future eating experiences.

Our shop is nestled in the narrow paths of Yoyogi Uehara.
Please come to savor a "newly imagined" Gâteau Chocolat like never before.


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